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Welcome I am Rafal

I warmly welcome Internet users to my website. In this gallery, I present my artistic achievements created over more than 20 years of creative work.

Of course, there were small breaks due to professional work, but I always found time for artistic expression.


I love everything related to visual art. I started my graphic adventure in pre-Internet times. At that time, I was creating drawings and sketches, but programs soon caught my attention computer to create graphics (Photoshop and 3D Studio Max). The big event for me was the purchase of a graphics tablet.


The artwork shown on this site is intended for a wide audience. Once again, I invite you to see my humble works.


Some Interesting Facts

I would like to briefly describe some facts from my creative work. As I have already mentioned, I have been dealing with art since the late 90’s. During this period of time, I had many fascinating opportunities to try my hand at putting ideas on paper.

Finished drawings

Digital arts

Paintings (digital)